Las Vegas, Nevada

Calnev Pipe Line

Construct and install a new two (2) bay truck and trailer "Super" Bottom Loading Rack with 24" and 16" A/G Product Headers, Rack Drain and Flush System, Fire Protection, New Automation System.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Fabricated two (2) "Super" truck and trailer Bottom Loading Rack Metering skids ship to Las Vegas, Nevada.

12" Receipt Pipeline Manifold and Piping to 24 A/G Fuel strorage tanks.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Fabricate one (1) "Super" truck and trailer Bottom Loading Rack Metering skid and ship to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Load Rack Concrete Pad.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Cushing, Oklahoma

Enterprise Products Waller Reversal

Seaway 30" reversal project in Cushing OK consisting of the following:
Installation of 12" kicker line with associated equipment at the Seaway launcher.
Installation of relief connection piping at the Seaway launcher.
Installation of 18" launder tie in piping.
Installation of pump discharge line at meter run riser.
Installation of relief line piping at Seaway Header.
Tie in 18" line at Seaway header.
Tie in pump suction line at Seaway Header.
Install above ground piping from Seaway to P-6 suction connection.
Tie into 16" P-6 Suction Piping.
Removal of existing 24" tank fill line at the West terminal for four existing tanks. Excavate and replace the existing 24" line and replace with new underground line. New line consisted of approximately 1500' header with tees to make tie-ins at four existing tanks.
Cushing Oklahoma

Cushing, Oklahoma

Giant Flagstaff Arizona

Design, construct, and install a new three (3) Bay Bottom Loading Rack, Canopy, Automation and Fire Foam System
FluidTech Shop
Flagstaff, Arizona

Furnish and install Geosynthetic Clay Liner under Concrete Pad.
Flagstaff, Arizona

Design and construct Additive System and Containment.
Flagstaff, Arizona

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